Selling a company

We sell companies  of the Republic of Lithuania that are fully prepared for work, companies that are VAT payers and companies with transport licenses:

  • Authorized capital from 2 500 Eur to 100 000Eur;
  • UAB can engage in any activities that are not in conflict with legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • We prepare all the necessary documents: the extract, the incorporation act, the articles of association, as well as the seal, the bank account, etc.;
  • Registration address is optional;
  • Full representation of the company that is being established on behalf of the client;
  • We can provide accounting services, if requested.

Companies on sale:

Company nameCreatedAuthorized capitalVAT codeActivity performed

The transfer documents of the company are prepared within half an hour. On client's request, all possible functions are performed.

You will only need to sign the Company's sale documents at the agreed time. By signing a stock purchase and a sale agreement, you will be able to immediately start the desired activities.